Alfresco, TEMIS Join to Enhance Content with Semantic Information Open source content management system (CMS) provider Alfresco and Semantic Content Enrichment provider TEMIS have announced an integration that allows semantic metadata to be extracted from content stored in Alfresco.

Semantic Enrichment Equals More Valuable Content

Web 3.0, or the semantic web, promises to alter the web experience as much as social media has done. Semantic technology is all about enriching human readable content with information -- metadata -- that allows machines to process it. Despite the promise, adoption has been slow. However, as the volume of enterprise content continues to balloon, it is becoming increasingly important that semantic technology be adopted to help humans wade through the data. TEMIS and Alfresco agree.

The two companies have announced an integration of TEMIS’ Luxid content enrichment platform with Alfresco’s content management system. When Luxid is deployed on Alfresco, it can extract metadata such as topics, entities and categories from documents. Once the metadata is detected, it can be used throughout the CMS for functions such as:

  • enriching search results
  • recommending related content
  • linking to external systems
  • triggering workflows

The Value of Semantic Technology

The evolution of content management systems such as Alfresco to semantically-enabled platforms is a logical next step. The amount of content within most organizations has reached a point where it is impractical for employees to categorize it or be expected to understand if they have a truly holistic view of everything that’s available.

Incorporating semantic technology will allow users to find relevant content more efficiently and likely improve decision making because they have access to more complete content. In addition, because Luxid extracts information automatically, organizations can avoid time- intensive, error-prone and expensive manual metadata enrichment efforts. This means that processes that rely on the information like new product development can take place more quickly.

Content management vendors that have not incorporated semantic technology will likely follow the example being set by Alfresco and others and include the capability in the near future. However, for Alfresco users, automatic semantic enrichment is available now. The Luxid for Alfresco Enterprise is available immediately through TEMIS and its partners.