Zoho's CRM App Hits the iPhone
Zoho (news, site) continues its expansion into the mobile office arena with a dedicated iPhone app.

Going CRMobile

Zoho already has a sizeable range of its office web apps line working via mobile browsers and the App Store already has Zoho Docs and Invoice apps available. Joining that little party is the iPhone Zoho CRM app for enterprise 2.0 types with a need for mobile access.

The free app allows access to users' leads, accounts, contacts, possible customers and their customer-related activities from the online master. Data for Zoho CRM is stored locally on the iPhone so you can work with no signal, or if the phone needs to be in airplace mode; users can create, edit or delete records, with those changes updated when you get back online.


Keep in Touch on the Go

The app works happily in the background so you can get on with calling and making sales. It can also integrate with other apps, so you can send email, log calls as you make them and locate a client on the map and navigate to them. 

The app is free but it costs US$ 3 per user per month to subscribe to Zoho CRM Mobile. Enterprise edition customers get this for free. If your organization doesn't give out iPhones, there is always the web app, which works in Android and BlackBerry mobile browsers.