zoho_logo_2010.jpgCreator is Zoho's (news, site) easy-to-program database and process automation system, updated to help it work together with Zoho's other productivity apps.

Create and Report

Zoho has many tools and applications across the office/productivity spectrum. One of its faster-growing enterprise 2.0 apps is Creator, which, it reckons, combines the best of Access and Visual Basic in one place. By tying Creator into several other Zoho apps, its usefulness has multiplied immensely.

The new features/integrations include:

  • Creator Reports  -- ties Zoho Reports into Creator and allows for all kinds of analysis, crunching and reporting of the numbers, with charts and other visuals to help get your point across.
  • Creator Scheduler -- automated task generator, whether it be for repetitive processes or when the user is not around.
  • CRM and Invoice -- integration of Zoho's CRM and Invoice products give Creator the power of a full enterprise suite. 

The company has produced a neat little video to highlight how reporting works:

Drag and Drop Data

Creator works in a user-friendly style. If you are creating a common data set, you can choose one of the preset templates such as "contact" or "feedback" and drag-and-drop additional fields onto the form, literally creating forms in seconds.

Forms can be saved as scripts or copied elsewhere for users to work with. The data, thanks to the update can now be pulled from, or linked to, Zoho's other applications and reports generated just as quickly. Anyone interested can try Creator using Zoho's limited free account, before choosing to sign up to one of the various business-level accounts.

Once working in a Zoho app, you can switch to others from a useful drop down menu and accounts can be upgraded easily as a company's need expand.