Zoho's (news, site) range of cloud business apps continues to knit itself tighter together and offer more to its growing army of users.

Zoho Tidies House

Zoho's ever-expanding range of web-based enterprise 2.0 business and utility software is coming along at a great pace, but the company has taken some time to tidy things up, improve mobile accessibility, get products working better together and to tighten integration across the range. The better the products work together, the more likely users are to try other apps.

So, Zoho has announced improvements in Zoho CRM, which gains the ability to track marketing efforts and customer activities, while Zoho Docs gets iPad support, improved file sharing options and optimization for the iPhone's Retina Display. Zoho Mail adds a control panel, gets POP/IMAP synchronization and a better interface

iPad Appeal

With Zoho Docs and Invoice both available as iPhone apps, the company is increasingly playing to the mobile workforce and its improvements to Zoho Docs will help those users get a better experience with the suite. The addition of iPad support, allowing users to view all docs on their tablets, opens up the app to the new breed of tablet-based workers


Zoho Docs, now viewable on the iPad

But for most users, it's practical features they are after, and Zoho has added tools for better organizing email, including folders, labels, flags, rules, filters, search and the addition of instant chat between users.

A newly optimized mobile web interface means users can check email via any smartphone while back on the desktop. Mail now includes integrated Calendar, Tasks, Notes and Contacts apps, to make it more of an agenda and personal manager tool.

Pay Attention, Recruits!

Zoho Recruit, which users can employ when looking for new hires, has had the most substantial upgrade of the revised apps. It now offers the abillity to pull resumes from email messages into the Recruit app. Dashboard reports now make it easier to follow the progress of the application process and, at the smaller scale, there are improved import and interface options to make things run smoother.

With hectic competition in the productivity sector, Zoho is doing the right thing with its constant push to innovate and bring things together, while not worrying about a totally "holistic" approach from the start. Expect many more useful little (and big) tools and a raft of constant improvement as the market evolves.