Zoho Show 3.0 to Rival PowerPoint, Brings Presentations Online
As presentations move from the desktop and office whiteboard to the online space, Zoho is ready to challenge PowerPoint, SlideRocket and others with its new, redesigned, view-anywhere Zoho Show.

It's Time to Start the Show

Presentation tools are merging into much of a muchness these days, so Zoho Show 3 is compatible with PowerPoint .PPTX files and other formats, which by necessity means it needs to run the same features and tricks. Not that there's anything wrong with that; PowerPoint and the like have been honed over the decades to do their job, and do them successfully.

So, now meeting attendees can be bored rigid in the online world as well as in a boardroom. Zoho Show 3 enables this show-anywhere feature with a range of technologies including HTML5/VML and Canvas. To play in all spaces, it has a new file format that is platform-independent and easy on bandwidth, keeping things fast and fluid.

There's little point in wading through the features lists, as you should know what to expect. In fact, why not just give it a go via Zoho's online demo editor. Presentations can be made to look better with advanced use of images, shapes and colors.


Showing Off

By making presentations easier to create and display, Zoho continues to make office software more accessible and attractive. Presentations can be embedded in a website -- all you need to do is give attendees, the URL -- no downloads or plugins required, so your message can be spread as widely or as narrowly as needed.

Combined with Zoho's other business, collaboration and productivity tools, the company has a massive arsenal for those not wanting to go the Microsoft way and is now adding the style and verve needed to stand out from the increasingly busy online office crowd.