Zoho releases Show 2.0 on Monday, the latest version of its web-based online presentation application. The new version sees the collaboration features of Show enhanced still further, but the onus this time around seems to be on making Show a more powerful product and - whisper it softly - maybe even a rival to PowerPoint for the individual desktop user!New features for Show 2.0 include: * Spanking new User UI- all new, and looking pretty fly, you must admit. * Themes aplenty: 50 packaged themes, and an editing capability for building your own themes is in the pipeline * Loads of extra shapes for your flowcharts; ClipArt support * More editing features * Enhanced Import: The import function has been "drastically enhanced" according to Zoho evangelist Ragu Vegesna, meaning that your imported .ppt, .pps, .odp, .sxi should look and work better than ever before * Meeting and Chat integration: Integration with Zoho Meeting (desktop sharing tool) and Chat For what it's worth, the pundits are falling over themselves with praise for Show 2.0. Starting Monday, you'll be able to check it out for yourself (free registration, as per usual with Zoho)! If you give presentations, and particularly if you collaborate with remote colleagues to put them together, you're probably going to be interested in this. So just totter over to Zoho Show and check out the video demo (again, from Monday. Darn!) Should Google Apps be shakin in its boots about Zoho? Have your say below!