Zoho Share
Zoho is out for SharePoint. They have announced a new service -- a central repository -- called Zoho Share that will enable personal and business users to share and publish their content from Zoho Show, Zoho Sheet and Zoho Writer to other users. They call it "SharePoint meets YouTube". Prior to the introduction of Zoho Share, users could share content directly from the individual Zoho applications -- Writer, Sheet and Show. The difference is now, they can share all this content from one central location -- Share. Zoho says that other products will be integrated into Share going forward. An example cited was published content from Zoho CRM. According to Raju Vegesna in his blog "Our vision for Zoho Share is Sharepoint meets YouTube: the business benefits of organizational document repositories, presented for the YouTube generation, with a friendly, familiar interface."

Zoho Share Functionality


Zoho Share Home Page

Notice the tabs across the top of the site: * Home: Landing page for Share showing recent uploads, featured, prolific and recent users and more. * Content: Displays all presentations, documents, spreadsheets and PDF files published by Zoho users with the ability to sort by certain attributes. * People: These are the people that publish content and can be sorted by top contributors, recent users and all users. You can select a profile and see everything published by the person. * MyArea: Displays all of the individual user’s files – both private and public. This is your area to edit and publish files that were previously marked as private. * Upload: Upload files directly to Share. You can even mark them with a license type such as: “all rights reserved,” “public domain” and six variations of “attribution.”

Zoho Share Content Page

Zoho Share for Personal vs Business Users

There are some differences in Zoho Share depending on whether you are a personal or business user. Published content is basically available to anyone who comes to the site. You don't have to be registered with Zoho to access and view content in Zoho Share, only to contribute or post comments and messages.

Zoho Share MyArea Page

For business users though, content will be restricted to the organization to which the user belongs. The plan is for Zoho Share to be the dashboard for all published content within Zoho. We should see this become official when Zoho Business comes out of private beta.

Just Another Document Sharing Application

Talk across the wire is that Zoho Share is nothing unique, but just another vendor providing a YouTube like experience for sharing documents. In a recent review on Mashable, the impression wasn't overwhelmingly exuberant "All in all, Zoho Share is a decent effort, but Scribd’s iPaper is much better when it comes to features, and their viewer is much more advanced. Although I’m used to Zoho releasing products which are well ahead of the curve when it comes to features, this time they’ve chosen a barebone approach which probably won’t be good enough for some users. " With Zoho users though, it may be something new that interests them greatly. We spend so much time using so many different websites for different activities, maybe Zoho is smart to continue building services that will provide their users an all-in-one website. The key for them is likely the enterprise use of the service and not so much the personal use. Dying to learn more? Take a video tour.