Zoho (news, site) has added a domain registration module to Zoho Business, powered by GoDaddy.com so that users can buy and register their domains.

For US$ 10, domains with .com, .org, .net, .biz, .info, and .us extensions are available with no limit to the number of domains registered and hosted in Zoho Business.

Once a domain is registered, users are able to immediately access all of the Zoho Business features. However, you don’t need to buy or register a domain to take full advantage of Zoho Business applications.

Yet, Zoho Domains provides many persuasive features that will encourage business owners to sign up, including:

  • Free email hosting – For businesses, Zoho provides free email hosting for the first three users. The new domain is automatically configured to work with Zoho mail servers, so users can send and receive email via the new domain within minutes of registration through Zoho Mail.
  • Unlimited email aliases – Zoho supports unlimited aliases for each of the first three email accounts, at no extra charge. If a user has multiple domains registered, email aliases can be created for any of those domains.
  • Complete administrative control – Through Go Daddy, users have complete control over their DNS control panel. Users can change mail records, name servers, A Records, and other details.

Zoho and Go Daddy are committed to helping small businesses grow without taking on gigantic costs, something we can all appreciate in these unsteady economic times.