zoho-logo-2009.jpg Another sign of the growing interest in mobile applications and of the increasing competition in the market comes this week with the news that Zoho Mobile (news, site) is extending its mobile support to additional devices in addition to its current support of Windows Mobile and the iPhone.

As of this week, fans of Zoho applications, which have been developed on a individual basis for select mobile platforms, will be able to access all Zoho apps from an extended list of platforms.

The new platforms include Android, Blackberry, Symbian and the promise of more - like Palm - in the future.

Consistent Interface Across Platforms

Essentially what Zoho is doing here is pulling all their mobile solutions together from the past two years and making them available to users of these platforms with a consistent user interface.

With undisclosed plans for the development of further applications in the future, Zoho says moving forward, users will be able to access them all using this new interface from whatever platform they chose.

“Mobility is an important aspect for on-line applications like Zoho. With Zoho Mobile, we want to provide access to your data on your preferred mobile device," said Raju Vegesna, of Zoho. “All our current and future mobile initiatives will be available under Zoho Mobile as we expand mobile support for all our upcoming applications."

Six Applications For New Platforms

At the moment, Zoho has 19 different business applications, from CRM to Mail, Reports and Wikis. With Zoho Mobile, six of these browser-based applications can be accessed from the extended list of platforms.

These include:

  • Zoho Mail, with all the usual email features and no ads even in the free version
  • Zoho Calendar
  • An easy-to-use word-processor called Zoho Writer
  • Zoho Sheet offering traditional spreadsheet capabilities
  • Zoho Show, an online tool for making presentations
  • A database called Creator designed that offers users a means of for storing, managing and retrieving information.

As it stands users can view the Writer, Sheet and Show files on the mobile platform, compose and send emails directly from the platform and access Creator applications.

However, both the number of features and current functionality will be expanded in the future.

While Zoho Mobile is localized and is currently available in Japanese (and English), there are also plans to make it available in other languages too.