Zoho Business Apps, Enterprise CRM
They didn't win the Crunchie for “Best Enterprise Start-up" for nothing. Zoho is back at it, introducing the newest edition to their enterprise toolset -- Zoho CRM - Enterprise Edition. This enhanced version of their online CRM service is packed with features and functionality required by enterprise organizations. The introduction of Zoho CRM - Enterprise Edition is just the latest in a line up of business applications that Zoho has been bringing to the net. Just recently they announced Zoho People, a Human Resources application designed to help HR departments do what they do best -- keep track of their employees. Other business applications include Zoho Meeting, Zoho Projects, Zoho DB and Zoho Invoice. CMSWire had the opportunity to chat with Raju Vegesna, Zoho evangelist, regarding what's happening with Zoho and in particular it's business applications. At the time, Raju would only give us tidbits of info such as "Zoho Business will primarily cater for SMBs, and allow such organizations to move their business online and use all of the Zoho applications".

Zoho CRM - Enterprise Edition

With their primary focus always on enhancing what they've already built, it should come as no surprise that there is a personal edition of Zoho CRM. The enterprise edition builds on the personal version and includes important business functionality like: * Role-based Security Administration * Multiple Language Capability - 11 to be exact * SSL Support * Enhancements in Email functionality, including Auto Responders * A complete overhaul of the user interface Role-based Security Administration Zoho says the security enhancements are the key updates to Zoho CRM. Key security features include the ability to: * Create profiles for managing CRM module-level permissions * Define groups for sharing data * Create roles that model the organization's hierarchy and enable data sharing rules * Define field-level security for controlling access rights for individual fields in modules
Too understand the security functionality better, you can watch the following video which provides a demonstration.

Zoho CRM - Pricing

Pricing for the enterprise edition follows suit with how the other business applications are priced: $25 per user per month with the first three users being free. The enterprise edition supports an unlimited number of users and has 500MB of storage allowable.

CRM Integration with Zoho Productivity Suite

Although Zoho Sheet, Zoho's spreadsheet software, does integrate with the CRM product, Zoho has not yet included CRM in their Single Sign On System. This means there is no integration with the rest of the Zoho Productivity Suite. "We are currently working on that (of course, it is a high priority internally). Once SSO is rolled out, we plan to integrate the productivity suite (Writer, Sheet, Show, Invoice, Meeting etc) into Zoho CRM." With competition like Salesforce.com, Zoho needs to ensure it's Enterprise CRM is up to snuff. They claim their Professional and Personal Editions provide more functionality then the same versions of Salesforce at a much lower price point. Now it's time to see how the Enterprise Edition holds up.