Zoho Adds Single Sign-on Capabilities To CRM Product
Zoho, the company behind the namesake web-hosted productivity application suite, has announced single-sign on capabilities that encompass their customer relationship management suite. With single sign-on, customers of various Zoho products such as CRM, Docs, Mail, Projects and so on can sign-in with their usernames/passwords just once while using the products simultaneously.

Zoho CRM is the last and final Zoho product to gain single-sign on capabilities.

Taking Away The Pain Points

In a good move for Zoho, the company has alleviated a common source of complaints when using hosted web applications -- having to sign in over and over again to services provided by the same vendor.

A short while ago, Zoho integrated the ability to sign into Zoho products using your Yahoo! and Google credentials. With this capability, users can utilize their Gmail or Yahoo Mail credentials when signing into their Zoho account, eliminating the need to create a completely separate username and password for Zoho products. 

Zoho, in their announcement, noted that even though Zoho CRM is a mature product that has an established presence, responding to customer feedback is a priority for the company. Zoho appears to be working hard to eliminate common annoyances associated with utilizing web-based software. To a manager, these factors weigh heavily on his/her mind.

Single Sign-On As A Movement

The ability to sign into various websites without having to maintain a separate user name and password is an effort the web services industry is trying to perfect. OpenID, an effort that has potential, has gained support among the likes of Google, Microsoft, Digg.com, WordPress.com and others. However, the open single sign-on standard has yet to take off and become a mainstream way of logging in to websites and web services. OpenID is still mainly utilized by early adopters and web geeks.

Zoho is wise to take matters into their own hands and implement single-sign on throughout their product line. Also, working with outside identity providers makes signing in an easier process for users who already maintain an identity with service providers such as Google and Yahoo.

Until standard sign-in comes from OpenID or some other source, Zoho is striving to work with available resources aid users as much as possible.