Yammer's SharePoint Integration is the Best of Both WorldsContinuing on with their mission to become everything the enterprise needs in terms of collaboration, Yammer (news, site) hit the headlines this week with some tight SharePoint integration. 

The Best of Both Worlds

Via the magic of Webparts, SharePoint users can now access their Yammer feed directly inside SharePoint, eliminating the precious seconds it takes to toggle back and forth. 

"Thousands of companies are benefiting from both Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and Yammer," said Steve Apfelberg, vice president of marketing at Yammer. "Yammer's SharePoint 2010 integration brings our market-leading enterprise social networking capabilities to SharePoint's robust enterprise collaboration platform. Users can experience the best of both without having to launch and toggle between two applications."

In addition to eliminating the toggle, the integration means users can:

  • Leverage the power of SharePoint's My Site into a personal productivity page.
  • Post messages, polls, events and links to Yammer directly from SharePoint
  • Upload files to Yammer or maintain SharePoint's version control by posting links to documents stored in SharePoint.
  • Securely collaborate with external parties such as customers, vendors or partners via Yammer Communities within the SharePoint environment.
  • Search content from both SharePoint and Yammer from within SharePoint. Yammer search results are real-time and discoverable forever.

As for IT, the integration also serves to reduce the amount of internal e-mail and data storage costs, as well as maximizes SharePoint investments. 

A World of Competition

Though this integration does highlight Yammer's recent moves toward becoming an all out social platform for the enterprise, they're not the first to plant their collaboration goodness inside outside systems. 

Socialcast (news, site), another collaboration hub that grew out of the microblogging concept, just released Socialcast Reach. Reach also aims to put collaboration in context by inserting it into existing applications such as SharePoint and Salesforce:


Both extensions come with the higher-end version of the company's flagship product (Socialcast's premium hosted or behind the firewall version and Yammer’s gold plan), but if you're looking to do away with toggling, it looks like Socialcast offers more options.

Of course, that's just for now. Yammer's been climbing the ranks this year, and we wouldn't be surprised to see the company, as well as other heavy hitters such as Chatter, step up their game even further in this arena.

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