Yammer Adds Language Support, Aims to Dominate Enterprise Social Networks
With international love on its mind, Yammer (news, site) has made its collaboration platform -- a.k.a. "Facebook for the Enterprise" -- available in six new languages: Dutch, French, German, Japanese, Korean, and Spanish.

Yammer in Every Language

Because more than half of Yammer's traffic comes from outside of North America, breaking down language barriers is certainly a crucial move. Accordingly, Yammer also plans to add additional languages each week with the help of a professional translation firm as well as its own Translations application.

The app makes also makes users a part of the translation process by allowing them to submit translations and vote on existing ones. Ninety-four languages are currently available for user translation:



Yammer Languages

Hundreds of Yammer users have reportedly already volunteered to participate. Whether this is going to cause a dent in their productivity levels remains to be seen, but one thing is certain: Yammer is getting some important work done for free.  

"Yammer has a huge global opportunity," said David Sacks, the company's founder and CEO. "We believe that every company will want its own enterprise social network, no matter its size or industry, and that includes companies in countries that don't speak English. Translating Yammer massively increases our market opportunity."

Sacks was recently quite chuffed when news broke that Salesforce would be offering its competitor, Chatter, for free. “The fact that Salesforce has to copy Yammer even though it has 2,000 sales reps is like Goliath dropping his sword and armor and chasing after David with a sling-shot," he said. 

Will the addition of languages be another reason for the CRM company to sweat? By comparison, Salesforce.com is currently available in 16 languages, while other competitors such as Huddle and Jive come in less than ten.