Microsoft has become the dominant vendor for creating and managing documents via its dual SharePoint and Office products -- but with tools like the iPad shifting how we work Joe Shepley asks: Are SharePoint's days numbered?

Google-wise, yes there's been the Google+ buzz, but the company also previewed a new interface for Google Apps and announced its profiles are all going public. But its competitors aren't sitting idle -- Facebook integrated Skype for video chat.

In other news, WordPress 3.2 arrived dropping support for IE6, Sitecore added print media to its customer engagement platform, the IKS consortium explored semantic intelligence for content management and Microsoft paid a client $250K to switch to Office 365.

A key social business article this week came from Dion Hinchcliffe. Have a read of 7 lessons learned about social business. We also looked at 3 ways to get buy in for your content strategy and examined how to gain competitive advantage with adaptive case management.

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