Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) tool provider Telerik (news, site) has announced the latest release of its agile project management platform, TeamPulse. Agile teams that rely on the tool are sure to be pleased with the number of new features Telerik has packed into the newest version.

Agile from User Story to Planning to Delivery

Once considered a radical approach, agile delivery has become common strategy for delivering projects that have to grow and bend with organizational whims and external influences. This growth has also resulted in the expansion of an entire tools market to support organizing teams that have no desire to look at a Gantt chart predicting dates nine months into the future.

Telerik’s Team Pulse helps improve the efficiency of agile teams by providing a centralized hub for communication, managing requests, planning and now:

  • Bug tracking
  • Interactive TaskBoard for task progress tracking
  • Automated testing solution via integration with Telerik Test Studio

The interactive TaskBoard is a digital whiteboard and sticky notes commonly used by agile teams for pacing work. Tasks are represented as index cards, in columns based on status. The TaskBoard is ideal for daily status meetings, allowing teams to understand current progress and next steps more easily. The new release integrates with Telerik’s automated testing solution Telerik Test Studio. This allows users to define feature acceptance tests in TeamPulse and then generate functional tests in Telerik Test Studio with little effort.

TeamPulse’s latest version also includes a new My Perspective feature that helps users combat their inner proclivities to distraction with a personal view of assigned stories, tasks and bugs. My Perspective aggregates content related to an individual user in one location, improving productivity and eliminating noise.

The new features build upon TeamPulse’s Best Practice Analyzer and becomes a digital tattletale providing notifications when users are not adhering to agile best practices. The release also includes additional new features and enhancements:

  • Risk and issue tracking
  • Improved idea management with support for capturing customer feedback
  • Enhanced synchronization with Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS)

Telerik documents the feature list on the Team Pulse site or follow @team_pulse on Twitter. The company is also providing an online-hosted trial and demo.