A couple of months back, HP unveiled its new Cloud Services project, but has been a bit quiet since then. Now you can at least take a virtual tour while you wait for your beta invite to arrive.

HP's March to the Cloud

HP caused a stir when it announced its Cloud Services beta project a while back. Since then not much has happened, but a recent blog post apologized for the quiet, promised that the beta invites will be ramping up soon and offered more detail for those waiting for some action.

It's in the form of a 10-minute video tour of the website and services, showing off the features, the service building area and so on. It demonstrates how users can create their own virtual servers in a matter of minutes and then use them to create and build services for users.


Offering Storage, Services

When up and running, the Cloud Compute and Cloud Object Storage services will combine with OpenStack technology to offer cloud services that HP hopes will challenge Amazon and others in the cloud space.

You can follow HP's Cloud projects on Twitter, which is somewhat more active than the blog at present. With the promise of an increase in beta activity, expect to hear some more public detail about plans for the project in early 2012.