Web discovery site StumbleUpon (news, site) is generating more traffic for other websites than the mighty Facebook.

Seeing Big Social Numbers

Promising to "bring the good stuff to you," StumbleUpon is doing major numbers in directing traffic to American sites. The latest figures from researchers StatCounter show that it has beaten Facebook to be the number one social media source of traffic in June.

StumbleUpon and Facebook have remained far ahead of rivals such as Twitter, reddit, YouTube and Digg, but Facebook's numbers have dived in recent months, allowing StumbleUpon to take a narrow lead. Is this an increasing sign of Facebook's drop in relevance among users? 

Take the Test

You can go play with StatCounter's interactive metrics here and juggle the numbers for yourself. On a global basis, Facebook is still miles ahead with some 61% of the market, but StumbleUpon is rising quickly, almost up to 24%.

If you look at the same chart for search engines, Google's dominance is staggering, but once social media sites start launching their own search technology (and if Google is going social, with Google+, it's only fair that social companies offer search too) perhaps its supremacy could be threatened.

StumbleUpon went back into private hands after its purchase by eBay a few years back (sound familiar?) but is now in a major rise up the rankings and could be one to watch for future investment and growth.