Socialcast Ease Integrates with SharePoint, BlackBerry Socialcast (news, site) just integrated two giants into its enterprise activity stream engine: Microsoft SharePoint and BlackBerry. With these guys in the mix, Socialcast is attempting to blend old and new school by giving customers the features they want without sacrificing enterprise-level security demands. 

Enterprise Activity Stream Engine (EASE)

Ease socializes and centralizes an organization's communications between people, applications and data. This approach to workflow tackles common internal collaboration struggles head-on , as well as serve as a road out of the enterprise microblogging arena for Socialcast. 

"While [microblogging is] still a key feature of our technology platform, we’re now focused on offering robust integrations with other systems as well," said Carrie Young, Socialcast's Director of Marketing & Client Relations. "It’s not just employees who can share updates to the network – machines, systems, and processes should be able to share information, too." 

EASE + SharePoint

The Microsoft integration allows users to plug their Socialcast activity stream directly into Microsoft SharePoint pages. Both end users and IT admins benefit by now being able to:

  • Import the Socialcast stream directly into SharePoint
  • Post new messages with attached files, links, or photos to Socialcast groups
  • Comment on, like, watch, edit, or delete messages within Socialcast
  • Embed media files (image, audio or video) into the stream
  • Work with SharePoint 2007 and 2010

EASE + BlackBerry

The Socialcast Ease app for BlackBerry smartphones enables mobile users to be constantly connected to their company's Socialcast network. Perks include notification options, threaded conversations and a reportedly easy to use interface. Socialcast highlights features such as:

  • Flexibility: Users can access all applicable activity streams from their BlackBerry device
  • Messaging and microblogging: Comment, like, flag messages on the go
  • Network search: Total access to all network content and data
  • File upload/download: Allows users to upload and view photos and files, along with user comments and message context
  • Contact directory: View colleague profile information

"We are confident that the expansion of our platform to include new, robust integrations with two of today's most popular enterprise applications will have a meaningful impact on our customers' business optimization," said Socialcast CEO Tim Young.

The company also recently integrated Microsoft Outlook, lending users a version of the dashboard as well as an Outlook command menu, toolbar and message folder.

Socialcast's sights are set pretty high, and their recent US$ 8 million in Series B funding suggests that we're in store for quite a bit more news. Until then, review what Ease can do for you here