Social media moves so fast, it's hard to keep up. Here are the week's top stories in scan-friendly format:

  • Job Hunting Via Facebook Connections
  • Report Says Twitter Wants To Buy TweetDeck
  • TED Taking Auditions Via YouTube and Vimeo
  • Al Jazeera Starts Social News Show

Job Hunting Via Facebook Connections

What site do you you think of when you hear of job hunting? Most likely it's LinkedIn, which connects professionals all over the world. A new site called In The Door is using Facebook as a way to make connections for you in your job hunt. This site takes the phrase "It's not what you know, it's whom you know" to a whole new level.

By signing into In The Door with your Facebook login, the site generates a contact list for you. The list is composed of everyone in your Facebook network who has entered employer or contact information, whether or not they used In The Door before. Then, you search for the title of a job you're looking for and contacts in that company or geographic area will populate.

In The Door is aimed at using the data in your Facebook contact network to show you potential connections at companies you may have not known about. LinkedIn is a huge competitor in the space, but if you're not a LinkedIn user, In The Door might be for you.

Report Says Twitter Wants To Buy TweetDeck

TweetDeck, the popular Twitter client among power users, is a Twitter acquisition target according to reports. Twitter is supposedly trying to put up $50 million to acquire the popular client. Why would Twitter want to buy the client? Let's dig in.

According to many in the social media industry, Twitter wants TweetDeck supposedly for the sole purpose of killing the ever-popular client. UberMedia, the company behind TweetDeck, has reportedly grown tired of Twitter's abuse of third-party client publishers and has considered creating its own social network (aside from Twitter).

TweetDeck allows users to publish to many social networks, including Twitter, Google Buzz and Facebook. Power users like the client because it's easy to use multiple Twitter accounts, schedule future posts and more. Are you a TweetDeck user?  If so, what do you like about the client?

TED Taking Auditions Via YouTube, Vimeo

TED is a popular series that allows us to witness profound and interesting talks the world over. Topics such as education, technology and human rights are discussed in an engaging and entertaining way that is unique to TED. Past speakers include Bill Gates, Al Gore and Jane Goodall.

TED is going to take auditions for future TED speakers via YouTube and Vimeo for the TED 2012 conference. The theme is "Full Spectrum," which the organization describes as a focus on using creative methods to reach an audience, such as a custom-animated movie, improv or more images than words in a presentation.

TED has never taken public auditions before. To give it your best shot, submit a one-minute video on YouTube or Vimeo and link to the video via TED's online application. Finalists will give live demonstrations of their talks in New York on May 24. One winner will be chosen to speak at TED2012 in California.

Al Jazeera Starts Social News Show

Al Jazeera, the CNN-style news network from the Middle East, has launched a new show on the English network called "The Stream." The show draws most of its stories from the stream of social media coming from the Mideast, which has been active in the last few months with all the social revolution happening in the region.

Independent Twitter users and Facebookers have out-reported traditional sources in all the crazy news in the Middle East and many original reports are sourced via social media. The anchor of the show calls it a "social media community with its own daily TV program." The broadcast will premiere in two weeks. According to ReadWriteWeb, the show has merit, as it is a professional show with a real angle on the social news.

I would expect a show like this to come from CurrentTV, but Al Jazerra is taking a risk and showing that social news and traditional news are not necessarily mutually exclusive entities. CNN's Rick Sanchez made waves for implementing social web items into his CNN broadcasts, but his show is not on the air any more.