If you thought social bookmarking was dead, think again. First Delicious was resurrected and brought us "stacks.” Now there’s Pistashio, which allows you to add to your “stash.”

Stash, Sort & Save

Pistashio, formerly known as Radar, makes it easy to quickly save things you want to remember. By simply logging in via Twitter or Facebook, users can add links that can be categorized into five main areas: Eat & Drink, Watch, Read, Listen and See & Do. You can also add details or use an extension or bookmarklets to do it for you.

By adding a link you have a lot of choices. Users can make it private, favorite it, share via Twitter or Facebook or send it to a specific email address, set up a reminder so you can be prompted later, and indicate if you have completed the task, if applicable. Once created, users can also choose to archive the bookmark, which allows you to easily save articles or sites you want take a look at later.


Making Your Bookmarks Work For You

Pistashio could be criticized for trying to be a little bit of everything, without being any one thing. As much as it is social, it also limits sharing, as you can’t view other members’ profiles, or a list of all the links that have been added to the site. You can view popular links and the comments users have made about them, which can offer recommendations and reviews.

Since launching, Pistashio has provided updates, like the ability to make bookmarks private so they don’t show up in the public timeline. They also send weekly digest emails aimed at helping users better understand how they are using the site.

While Pistashio’s mission is to make it easy for people to cultivate and share their interests, it also provides an opportunity to curate your content into actionable goals.