Real time group collaboration solution Sazneo (news, site) gets an update this week that includes better ways to manage and filter your information and support for the BlackBerry.

Support for Group Discussions

A natural part of collaboration is to work within groups. Sazneo brought its real time group collaboration solution to market several months ago. It offers browser based group discussions, organizes discussions in to channels, provides file sharing, 1-1 chat and shows you who is online to talk with (and a way to "nudge" them to get their attention).

This week, a few new features have been added:

  • Topics: Tag messages to a particular discussion so you can easily follow the entire conversation without getting lost.
  • Q&A: Ask a question in a particular channel and then have users vote on the best answer. There is a separate Q&A view or you can see it within the context of the discussion itself.
  • Unmarked messages: Unread messages are now highlighted when you enter a channel.


Sazneo Topics


Sazneo Q&A

Mobile Support

This kind of functionality lends well to being accessed via mobile devices and Sazneo does support mobile access. The latest device supported is the BlackBerry (it already supported the iPhone). This is a web application, not a native app.

There are a few other improvements to the hosted service and there is a free version for up to 5 users for you to try it out. Get more details on here.