Quantivo 4 Offers DIY Behavioral Analytics in Real Time Wouldn't it be nice if analytics were easier to understand? Quantivo thinks so, and their missing-link type solution – Quantivo 4 – attempts to achieve this by reducing data down to child’s play. 

Quantivo = Analytics for Dummies

Quantivo’s mission seems pretty basic. To sum it up, the gist is to offer a solution that brings analytics down to a level that just about anyone can understand. For example, by using the tool, organizations can quickly answer simple questions like, How many people come to my site and look at sports content per week? More importantly they can answer the question themselves, rather than requiring the exaggerated use of expensive statisticians. 

Through their technology, the implementation of a straightforward interface and simple drag and drop attributes, Quantivo basically invites users to get hands-on with their analytics.

Do you smell a new solution for closing that stubborn Action Chasm? We do.

Quantivo 4

Quantivo 4 combines the DIY analytics attitude with some nifty new features. Let’s take a look at a few of them:

  • Focused Segmentations: Users can create data segments based on a combination of contextually specific attributes. This reveals  information like which items were purchased in a single invoice, or over a customer's lifetime. 
  • Segmentation Comparison:  With this feature, query results are shown for your target segment or behavior as compared to the same query run against your entire population. This highlights behaviors that are significantly different, most likely because they are brand new. Act on these these targeting opportunities while they're ripe and you should see some major differences in your ROI and traffic impacts.  
  • Context‐specific Targeting: Identify context‐specific behaviors that happen together, or combine different contexts across attributes. 
  • Instant Export: This one is especially interesting. With Quantivo 4, users can export results to an external reporting, marketing automation, or content management system like Salesforce.com. Quantivo says, "Even with tens of millions of results, such as customer IDs, e-mail addresses, or customer demographic profiles, one click exports the entire list."


It's important to note that what Quantivo offers is not a replacement for the experts, but an opportunity for users to get more involved with their data in a timely manner--which is what could possibly make all the difference.

"It's unbelievable that with all the investments in Business Intelligence and analytics technology over the past two decades, companies still can't get the insights they need, and when they do, it's too late to make informed decisions," said Brian Kelly, Quantivo's co-founder and CEO. "Quantivo 4 has modernized analytics and introduced a new model for Business Intelligence that puts answers into the hands of the people who need them, when they need them, and at a reasonable cost."

Quantivo 4 is a cloud-based solution targeted at companies of all sizes. As a kind of analytics expansion pack, it works with regular solutions like Omniture and Google Analytics. For more information, get started here