Users of Oracle's 11g enterprise database can now wade into their mountains of data with a new set of analytic tools to find the business data and insight gold within the endless steams of information.

Playing With Very Big Data

With databases getting ever larger, Oracle has unleashed a new set of tools, called Oracle Advanced Analytics, to mine the data stored in 11g data sets. With two components, Oracle R Enterprise and Data Mining, it can help to create real-time analytic applications for rapid analysis of data, teasing out insights to the fore, for the likes of predictions, trends, threats and fraud analysis.

Oracle R Enterprise integrates the existing open source R programming language with the main database to further boost statistical functionality and the capability of the enterprises' existing database systems. R allows users to exploit existing development skills, tools, and scripts.

Oracle Data Mining provides new souped-up data mining algorithms that run as native SQL functions for in-database model building and model deployment to build, evaluate, share and deploy predictive analytics methodologies. They can also be called from R functions to create wider, more versatile commands and routines.

Bigger is Better

This is very much a case of Oracle applying its existing tools in a new way. R is approaching its 18th birthday and 11g is five years old.  But these enterprise tool stalwarts are proving up to the task of handling the massive rises in data.

Last October, Oracle unveiled the Big Data Appliance for 11g at its OpenWorld event and these new additions will bolster its claims to be able to handle the biggest enterprises' largest data volumes. And with Hadoop (which finally reached version 1.0 at the end of December) loaders, it can work alongside open source projects too.

While "big data" is currently a popular buzz phrase, Oracle's products have been handling massive sets of data for years, and the company is merely neatly lining up its product range to take advantage of the fair winds offered by the latest trends.