If the hype is to be believed, platform-as-a-service is going to be massive in the not-too-distant future and SAP is partnering with MongoDB to drive its offering in the market.

All You Can Serve

As the market for enterprise software runs from SaaS to IaaS, to PaaS, those on the leading edge of this wave are building new systems that will have to cope with both huge demand and massive amounts of data. So, only big, proprietary slabs of code will do, right?

Nope, SAP is going with the open-source MongoDB as the core for the enterprise content management part of the overall platform. Being able to scale is vital and MongoDB offers document-oriented storage, support for JSON-style documents with dynamic schemas, horizontal scaling, flexible indexing and replication. Data protection comes in the form of the ability to mirror across both LANs and WANs, automatic sharding and the ability to handle files of all sizes.

The deal comes about as an OEM agreement with SAP. MongoDB will be used in the PaaS for collaborative decisionmaking, data archiving and retention management in a multi-tenant and secure environment. MongoDB will be used as the document-oriented store for SAP's on-demand applications, delivering lower cost of ownership and increased stability.

PaaSing On

SAP's road to PaaS has been a long time in the making. Back in 2009, it brought the IP from PaaS specialist Coghead. SAP now has a wide range of OnDemand services it can offer customers. They are based on a Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering that includes a "Next Generation Core," based on the Business ByDesign architecture, and "Next Generation Edge," a lightweight platform that merges SAP’s lighter-weight SaaS technologies including River and Oxygen.

SAP offers all manner of tools for business process, improvement and execution aimed at SMEs and enterprise, offering them as PaaS, which reduces the cost for customers and saves on investment in infrastructure.