Socialcast Micro-Blogging now for Gmail and iPhone Take your enterprise community to new venues with Socialcast. They have released some new accessibility features to their social networking and micro-blogging platform, including access via Gmail and your iPhone.

Socialcast Enhancements

The Socialcast platform went through some updates in early August that provided even more corporate features. These included a new mini user profile and a worklog feature for tracking tasks. The latest set of enhancements announced are primarily focused on accessing the community through different devices and applications.

Socialcast on the iPhone

Viewing your Socialcast community on your iPhone is said to be a simple and streamlined experience. It certainly would be a popular option for those who travel a lot or don't always have access to their computer. SCiphoneapp_black_lg.jpg

Socialcast in Gmail

Socialcast now provides a Gmail plugin for Firefox. This plugin adds a sidebar to your Gmail account that shows you what's happening in your corporate community. gmail_screenshot.jpg

An interesting feature, but we aren't completely sure of the value unless the company uses Gmail as its email solution.

Jabber Integration and Other Enhancements

Other enhancements announced included: * Update your Worklog and Status posts using a community specific instant messaging bot based on Jabber. * Bookmarklet for URL sharing * Integration with Vimeo video service * Ability to attach MP3 files to posts Overall, some interesting new enhancements for the corporate community platform. It does seem like they may be serving a very niche market with iPhone and Gmail integration, but then again, we are seeing Gmail slowly making its way into the enterprise. Find out more about the Socialcast solution and these new features on their website.