zoho_logo_2010.jpgZoho (news, site) keeps making friends with both users and rivals as it integrates Google Apps into its ever-increasing feature list.

Zoho is Bull on Integration

Zoho has spent a lot of time and effort to ensure that its increasingly popular suite of office and productivity applications will play nicely with data from other sources. This must-have in the enterprise 2.0-era should make its products more appealing to a wider range of users.

Zoho has announced new contextual gadgets for its CRM, Invoice and Projects web-based apps. They let users work while accessing their Gmail, saving tabbing between screens or applications. Content in emails can be turned into data for the apps and you can quickly pull up all emails linked to a particular customer, as this video neatly explains:

Integrated via Gmail's API

The gadgets take advantage of Gmail's API to pull relevant data from the messages into other applications. Using context, when users receive an email from a customer, the gadget can display the appropriate customer information, accessed from Zoho CRM, if you use it. 

The user can read up on the notes for that customer, check contacts, or if users run Zoho Invoice, that gadget can be used to show the customer's invoicing information, all on one page. Tying apps and email together isn't new, but is generally an enterprise feature.

Zoho is making these features available to all and has plans to add more functionality across its products. They are available for free and are installable from the Google Apps Marketplace.