HP to Use OpenStack for Cloud Services Project
HP has announced that its new Cloud Services project will be based on OpenStack’s open source cloud computing architecture.

HP in the Clouds

HP this week announced a private beta program for HP Cloud Services. Aiming to offer HP Cloud Compute and HP Cloud Object Storage to users, based on HP’s hardware and software combined with OpenStack technology, the company will be looking to take on the likes of Amazon and others in the cloud space.

It will soon be offering HP Cloud Compute for users to deploy secure, customizable, reliable compute instances on-demand, and HP Cloud Object Storage for large-scale online storage, ideal for archiving, data storage and so on, in an on-demand fashion.

The beta allows developers, ISVs and businesses to try out the new services through its Web-based user interface that sits on top of open, RESTful APIs for integration and development. Naturally HP is looking for feedback and testing of its new infrastructure, so participants need to be willing to join the learning curve.

OpenStack On the Up

OpenStack is a NASA- and RackSpace-founded initiative to control cloud computing services, all in a free open source environment, including Python and SQLAlchemy. Those interested in using or working with OpenStack might want to attend the next conference and summit, in Boston from October 3-7.

OpenStack has two components, "Swift" for storage and "Nova" for Compute. Discussions will revolve around the next version of OpenStack's release, codenamed "Essex," and it is likely that more big-name users will be announced during the event.