Google (news, site) is making all user profiles public, removing all private profiles by the end of the month, to help boost the growth in Google+.

Not All Doom

The idea is that basic details need to be public so people can find you, but within your Google+ account, other details such as date of birth can be kept confidential and other information can be kept in certain circles of friends. It is really little different from your Facebook, Twitter or other social media account details, but the change will still cause anger for some, particularly those who don't want to joing Google+.

Google states on its site that most profiles are already public and that other information can be controlled to prevent public access. But with privacy still a sore point for many users, there is bound to be a bit of a backlash.

Privacy Issues

The remaining private profiles will be deleted by the end of the month. Overall, Google seems to be doing a better job with security, but this move could be perceived as a backwards step, but on the scale of privacy battles in recent years, this looks like a minor affair.