Don't wait for your phone maker to provide print capabilities, because here comes Google (news, site) with a cloud-based service of its own.

Roll the Print Presses

A recent post on Google's Gmail blog, offers hope for those stuck with documents or messages on their mobile that are a pain to get out on plain paper. Currently, the service allows Windows users (with Mac and Linux support to come) with the latest version of Google Chrome (9.0.x) to create a connector that makes their printer visible from the cloud.

Then, using the iPhone or Android web browser, you can access Gmail and choose the message or document and Print from the option menu. So, while Apple offers limited printing via AirPrint and a tiny range of HP models, this solution creates a way for mobile users to leap into tree-killing action from anywhere with a phone signal.

Printing from your mobile just got a lot easier

It's A Google World

Sure, it only works for Gmail, and Chrome hardly has a massive userbase, but it is quick to install and a neat browser. Your Windows accounts needs to be logged in and the printer switched on for true remote printing too, but, apart from dedicated network printers, that's the situation with most solutions. 


If you're logged out or the printer is off, then jobs are queued in the cloud. So, there is still some hoop jumping required for this, as with other solutions. Additional Google Apps will soon have the Google Cloud Print feature added, and you can expect similar services from printer makers and others to leap into action.