samepage enterprise 2.0 wiki collaboration
eTouch Systems, the creators of the SamePage enterprise wiki, have announced the launch of SamePage v3.5. What's to note? They implemented a fully multilingual user interface. The first languages available will be French and Polish, but any number of languages will be provided for customers upon request. That's not the only new feature. SamePage is all about Enterprise 2.0 collaboration, and this release carries a few goodies that may make your team smile.

SamePage -- Geared for Enterprises

eTouch SamePage (read more), an enterprise-class wiki, is designed to be intuitive and simple to use while remaining up to snuff with those pesky IT department requirements for security and integration. It ties-in with databases and authentication systems and features useful admin features that help SMBs and enterprises capture, disseminate and locate information and leverage the collective knowledge of an organization.

3.5 is a 10 for Global Orgs

The foreign language supporting SamePage 3.5 -- recently demonstrated at the Web 2.0 Expo in San Fran -- is significant because it allows large multinational organizations to provide different language user-interfaces to employees around the globe. The internationalized version will be available for On-Demand as well as On-Premise customers. Notable improvements in SamePage v3.5 include: * Internationalized UI - All UI elements of SamePage including navigation menus, links and messages have been internationalized which means they are now packaged as resource-bundles. Resource bundles for languages other than English will be made available through a support site. * Team Blogging - The blog functionality in SamePage has been enhanced to allow multiple users to post to one blog. The blog owner can delegate the permissions to post or just submit posts for review. This is useful in marketing blogs or developer blogs where a team of users would be involved in blogging. * Blog Support for MySQL - While MySQL database support has been available since release 3.3 From release 3.3 onwards, SamePage now supports Blog functionality for MySQL as well. * Support Ticket Assignment - The support ticket functionality in SamePage now allows tickets to be assigned to specific members within the project. This allows users to use it as a simple task management system if they so desire. * New Plugins - This release of SamePage will feature plugins for Google Gadgets and external DB plugin as part of eTouch's efforts to increase the number of out-of-the-box plugins.

Know Your Wiki's Raison D'Etre

While having great technology available to you is a good start, it's no guarantee of project success. Wikis can be noisy, unruly beasts and must be carefully conceived, deployed and managed. Recent research has highlighted these challenges. Quoting Denmark-based Janus Boye from his report Wiki in the Enterprise, "At the strategic level, wikis challenge organizational culture with their openness, transparency and lack of built-in management control. This can translate to an explosive information growth far beyond the capacity of your organization to manage that information. Organizations are [encouraged] to support adoption through a prepared launch followed by training."

Global Enterprise 2.0 Warming

eTouch leadership are obviously big believers in the Enterprise 2.0 revolution and the power of wikis to transform team collaboration. The company's CEO, Anirudha Gadre, quotes Gartner, saying that they expect "50% of all enterprises worldwide will be using wikis by 2009, so there is tremendous room for growth." Aye, there is. And Gadre and co. are not the only ones salivating. SamePage has already got a level of global adoption in a number of segments including technology providers, online businesses, research/education institutions and U.S. government agencies. We expect the new features to help eTouch strengthen their foothold in these markets, but we're also looking across the street and Dr. Don't be Evil and company, as they continue to develop what was JotSpot and has become Google Sites. And GOOG is not the only muscled player jostling around here. Zoho has more than a toe in the Enterprise 2.0 with their wiki functionality. Microsoft as well, will want their way as they continue to roll-out SaaS versions of MOSS and Office. We and the sharks are expecting some bloody noses. In the meantime, you can grok more SamePage over here.