A company with web tools for everyone, Zoho (news, site) adds another string to its bow with its own portal production package.

Zoho Wiki 2.0 - An Online Portal

Many of the available Web portal options come as part of expensive, enterprise 2.0-level bundles. Others come from niche cloud-vendors taking advantage of cheap storage and the relative reliability of the modern Web.

However you take your portal, Zoho's original wiki portal product came out in 2006, making it pretty ancient in Web-terms. The updated Zoho Wiki 2.0 offers a host of new features aimed at the business user over the original's individual focus.

It starts out as a free version for up to three users with one wiki that includes 250MB of space -- the core of the product. After that you pay monthly for the Professional version at US$ 5 per additional user and US$ 8 per extra wiki with 1GB of space, paid users can also use custom domains.

Revamped and Ready For The Business

Zoho's long-practised expertise in making things straightforward may make Zoho Wiki 2.0 a sensible port of call for those looking for a new way to work. If you want to build a team wiki, intranet, a group repository or a full on collaboration suite for remote or office workers, Zoho offers an elegant solution.


Keep working with the team, wherever you are.

Whether you want a single space for everyone, or each team working in its own little environment, Zoho can provide what you need. Given that this is now appealing to business, there is also uprated level of security with permission controls, group permissions, domains and distinct levels of permission for editing, viewing, creating and deleting content. 

Packing In The Features

Once a basic wiki is set and populated with users, they can fill the space with the essentials like calendars and schedules, tasks and documents. It can also be jazzed up, for those using it to get creative with YouTube videos and so on.

The design of the portal can be customized to match your company. So, if you want an Intranet, it can be styled to match those company documents you would want to keep in there. Changes can be kept an eye on via the notifications and you can use the whole host of other Zoho apps including worksheets, slideshows and so on.

So, along with the likes of Huddle, Box.netCampfire and the big players like SharePoint, there is now more choice than ever for those building office blocks in the cloud. With its existing customers, Zoho should do pretty well, but will it be your choice?