Let's talk about CaaS. As the solutions we utilize grow more social, the concept of Collaboration-as-a-Service gains traction. Cisco (news, site) most recently highlighted this with the release of its hosted collaboration platform, and Enterprise two-dot-oh experts are weighing in. 

Seamless Communication

That's what it's all about-- operating systems, network systems and the data that flows back and forth between them must do so without interruption.

"Participation, openness, and self-service are some of the intrinsic elements of Enterprise 2.0 and why it’s a key part of the Social Business vision," offered Dion Hinchcliffe.  "It is now likely that social tools will ultimately be the dominant model for how we work together in the business world, and they are deeply affected by both cloud computing and Service-Oriented Architecture."

Unfortunately, the stopgag measures and workaround systems we're used to still leave lots of room for security risks and workflow issues, and it's still common to see multiple systems that do not, cannot and/or will not speak to each other.

Enter CaaS solutions like Cisco's. 

Hosted Collaboration from Cisco

Cisco's new hosted collaboration platform offers partners a variety of cloud-based collaboration applications that they can deploy on one server. The platform itself is built on four pillars:

  • Cisco Unified Communications and Collaboration
  • Optimized Virtualization Platform
  • Centralized Management
  • Service Provider System Architecture

Together, the pillars enable a scalable infrastructure with an integrated data center for maximizing operations while cutting costs and protecting investments.

Open Source Enterprise Collaboration Tool TeamLab Offers New Modules

Meanwhile, TeamLab (news, site) has been busy exhibiting their open source Enterprise 2.0 skills. The company recently added new modules to its SaaS enterprise portal, adding collaboration and chat features.

Their project management tool boasts simplicity, and is best-suited for fast or medium-sized projects:


JackBe Offers Enterprise Mashups for SharePoint

JackBe (news, site) recently extended its enterprise mashup product to support SharePoint. Without a developer background, users can:

  • Transform lists into information sources that can be combined — or mashed — with information sources from the enterprise
  • Pull external sources such as databases and web services into SharePoint as customizable native web parts
  • Share mashups that include SharePoint content through other sources like Excel, the iPhone, Oracle WebCenter or IBM Websphere

“Mashup Sites for SharePoint raises the bar on ease-of-use and self-service access to enterprise data, with easy tools for non-developers to securely create and share dynamic mashups from disconnected enterprise data sources,” said Dan Malks, VP of App Platform Engineering at JackBe. “And we are really emphasizing business user empowerment by letting users do their work within an environment in which they are most comfortable: SharePoint.”