So, the announement of the Google Marketplace was a pretty big deal, wouldn’t you say?

The excitement revolving around the new development goes to show how ready and willing most of us are to pack up and move to the cloud, and the Google brand is obviously going to play a major part in getting us there. 

The Future of Productivity is Sky High

“The future of productivity applications is in the cloud,” wrote Ellen Petry Leanse, Google Enterprise marketing specialist. We’re inclined to agree, and here is a list of some of our favorites that’ve already made their way there with the release of Google Marketplace:


Ah, our valiant little productivity suite friends. They work so hard in the shadow of Google, and now we predict they’ll get some serious play by using the search giant to promote their tools.

In fact, Zoho has two offerings in Google Apps Marketplace: Zoho CRM and Zoho Projects. Both tools allow users to plug Google Apps into the Zoho CRM or Zoho Projects system: offers a content management application for Google Docs that allows users to access and integrate their Google files directly within the ecosystem.

In plain English, that means you can create a Google Doc as a file type within and then utilize the collaboration tools of both platforms. Moreover, you can access and manipulate your Box content directly from within Gmail and Google Calendar (some smell a SharePoint replacement): 


Aviary offers web-based image editing tools as well as vector graphics and audio editing. Its integration into Google Apps means users can create graphics that can then be accessed by Google Sites, Google Docs, etc. Also, it adds functionality that Google hasn't previously seen--unlike and Zoho--although, we've yet to hear about Google's plans for the recently acquired and semi-similar service called Picnik:

 This is, of course, only the beginning. But it's also a really exciting beginning--for users, developers and companies alike. 

Microblogging is Cool Again

For a second, talking about microblogging was kinda...meh. But thanks to interest within the enterprise--among other areas--a bit of a resurgence is happening. Yammer's getting mega-funded, Google Buzz is making both good and bad headlines, and Twitter is making its way to corporate land, although not with text and display ads in tow.

"…people are witnessing accidents, organizing events, sharing links, breaking news, reporting stuff their dad says, and so much more," noted Twitter's co-founder, Biz Stone.

Integration is Everywhere

Google isn't the only one interested in integration. Inmagic recently showed Microsoft some love by announcing a new version of Presto, a social knowledge network solution that integrates tightly with SharePoint (and frankly, in the wake of Google's marketplace-shaped bomb, Microsoft could use the love). 

Some of Presto 3.3's improvements are:  

  • Profile customization and personalization, and making the People content type searchable
  • Improved RSS feeds such as customizable display
  • Federated search adapters can be created to access external content sources
  • Cloning of Home Pages allows administrators to easily manage a SKN and users

Come Out and Play

Check out some upcoming enterprise 2.0 events and get your hands dirty:

O'Reilly Where 2.0

"Now in its sixth year, the Where 2.0 Conference is where the grassroots and leading edge developers building location-aware technology intersect with the businesses and entrepreneurs seeking out location apps, platforms, and hardware to gain a competitive edge. In the O'Reilly conference tradition, Where 2.0 presents leading trends rather than chasing them."

Cloud Expo 2010

"Delegates will leave Cloud Expo with dramatically increased understanding the entire scope of the entire cloud computing spectrum from storage to security." Conference 2010

"SharePoint Conference .Org 2010 is the only SharePoint Conference to attend this spring! Attend sessions, workshops, and classes taught by some of the world's foremost experts on the SharePoint platform including premiere consultants, speakers, and Microsoft SharePoint MVPs."