Think about all the things you can do with EMC’s Documentum, and then think about doing them mobile. According to EMC’s website, Documentum userscan do that now by taking their repositories out of the enterprise using the iPad.

That is to say,  users of Documentum can access their repositories from the iPad, and although there is no mention of Android access, EMC has already said previously that it will be enabling access from all mobile platforms

Earlier on in the year during EMC World the company had slotted a release date of “sometime in the third quarter," and sure enough, it can now be downloaded for iPad, and probably a lot more besides quite soon.

With it, all content in Documentum is visible, including rich media such as videos and images. In addition, EMC says users can carry out common repository tasks such as search and preview, download content for offline access, collaborate with other users and participate in business processes.

EMC: DocumentumMobile

And all this through a clean and user-friendly interface through which content you are using from the Documentum repository will be subjected to existing content governance policies.

Other features include:

  • Content filtering: Intelligent filtering of content through the search function with "favorites" and "recently viewed functions"
  • Mobile Inbox: Enables users to act on information wherever they are with approvals and review of workflow tasks
  • Email: Integration with email so that you have access to email messages as they arrive

Documentum Mobile is not entirely new; it was already demonstrated at EMC World earlier on in the year. Reviewers at the time described it as “not overly fancy” but efficient, practical and useful. Really, what more could you want?

EMC also said it would release updates every three months once it was released and that it would be available for all major mobile platforms.