Elementool (news, site) ups the stakes in project management software by adding instant video conferencing to its SaaS toolset, so now co-workers are never more than a click away.

Making Eye Contact

In many occupations or business scenarios, face-to-face conversations are highly important. So it seems a logical extension to add web conferencing to the chat, messaging and presence social media options found in many project management tools.

Elementools has added this feature into the mix across its range of products including Help Desk, Issue Tracking and Time Tracking. The service is being added thanks to a deal with web-conferencing megavendor InterCall.

Using an integrated feature in the Elementool project management dashboards, colleagues, wherever they are in the world, are just a couple of clicks away.

More Than Just a Pretty Face

As well as video conferencing, users will be able to share desktops to assist in troubleshooting, whiteboards for brainstorming sessions and so on. Being a SaaS-based product, there is no set up for users across an enterprise, everything is done over the browser.

Elementools can be found in a range of other SaaS products including Zoho, which it signed up with last year. With customers including HP, IBM, DuPont among many other big names, a huge number of corporate users will finally get to see their colleagues in action.

Hopefully it will incorporate Intercall's new lounge feature that lets conference-attendees choose their own, modern, music rather than get stuck in easy-listening hell.

The Next Big Thing

Further down the path for Elementool is its Calendar product which it hopes to launch this summer which will offer a full reminder service among other additions. The web conferencing update is expected to be available at the end of April.

Elementool's products are available  in a range of options, with a free limited version, and Pro or Premium accounts (with a range of features and limits) starting from US$ 24.99 per account that offers unlimited users.