Dropbox has launched a service for enterprise and business users, Dropbox for Teams. The enterprise-grade cloud-based storage service offers a terabyte of space -- perfect for exchanging big items like high-definition videos, encrypted State Department cables and even the kitchen sink.

Dropbox has introduced a service aimed at organizations that require bigger space and bigger teams. Dubbed Dropbox for Teams, the service includes space for "as much as you need," which translates to a 1 terabyte starting point. Costing almost US$ 800 per year, the service is not really cheap, but considering the space allocation and number of users who can collaborate, that's better value than paying for individual Pro dropbox accounts.

The More the Merrier

The base Dropbox for Teams plan supports up to five users within a team and starts with 1 terabyte of space. Additional team members can be added at nominal cost, which also adds 200 GB each to the maximum space quota for each additional user.  The service also includes unlimited versioning history, which is otherwise an add-on feature for the Pro version of Dropbox. This feature is perfect for collaborating teams that work on the same file at the same time. Now users won't get lost in the flood of conflicting file versions.

Individual users can choose to stick with their existing Dropbox account and turn over their existing files to the Team's pool. Or, team members can create a new Dropbox account for joining a team. Joining a team is seamless, as users will retain all existing folders, files, shared folders and public links. The Teams feature also works on the existing Dropbox app, so no additional download is necessary.

Centralized Management, Billing

Aside from storage space, the Teams plan also includes dedicated phone support and an updated control panel for IT administrators. This gives the administrator control over file access -- who gets to share which file. As such, both features are appropriate for both organizations with dedicated IT staff and small teams that prefer to manage their own IT resources.

Dropbox for Teams also offers centralized billing. No longer will individual team members have to handle the annual subscription for every account. Dropbox' new offering for teams can be paid through one account.

Dropbox for Teams starts at US$ 795 per year for five users and 1 TB storage. Additional users will cost US$ 125 per year, which includes 200 GB for each add-on team member.