Support Solutions for Open Source Enterprise SearchMany enterprise companies have greatly benefited from the evolution of Apache’s open source Lucene and Solr enterprise search solutions. With over 4,000 installations of Lucene and names such as Netflix, Alfresco and MySpace using it, it’s easy to understand the impact that is has had.

As with many open source projects though, there was no guaranteed support. There was nowhere to go for quick answers, easy customization and troubleshooting. Until now that is. Lucid Imagination aims to solve to issues that surround the fastest growing enterprise search solutions today.

The Lucene (one of the top five Apache projects) and Solr projects have been experiencing tremendous use growth of late. Lucene, originally developed by Doug Cutting, is a 100% java based search library that provides cross-platform portability of indexes. Solr is a web-based search solution that rides on back of Lucene. It adds a schema, administrative tools, cache management, replication and faceted browse features.

As stated, the problems inherent with both Lucene and Solr are that there are no guarantees of support, bug fixes, updates, and there is nowhere to get help for the less experienced developer. In the event your enterprise company has problems with your enterprise search solution and your in-house developer is out for the day, you have nowhere to turn.

Support for Lucene and Solr from Lucid Imagination

Today, Lucid Imagination is hoping to provide a solution to the problems surrounding the most in-use open source enterprise search option out there (see graph for download growth over 36 months from Apache site only).

With subscription based options that have a 30-day risk free offer customers will get:

  • Commercial-grade Support – Get the support you need when you need it.
  • Certified, Tested Versions and Updates -  Don’t worry about waiting for assurances from forums that a new version is okay to begin using it, get the most stable versions as soon as they are ready.
  • Access to Knowledge Base - Answer your own questions and expand your own knowledge of Apache Lucene and Solr.
  • Interaction with Experts – Now if you just can’t seem to solve your problem, talk to experts and work together to fix it.

Lucid Imagination Brings Support to Apache Lucene and Solr
Download Growth for Apache Lucene


There will be both Apache and Certified support options available for Lucid Imagination customers. These options are offered in the form of a subscription. Both, offered at the same price, offer training, certification and a referral program as well as consulting services and value-add software extensions.

The team at Lucid Imaginations has been contributing to the Lucene and Solr communities and has been involved in training at ApacheCon. They will continue to contribute heavily to the community and plan to serve as the primary online destination for the entire Lucene/Solr user community.

By providing support solutions for the Apache Lucene and Solr projects, Lucid Imagination hopes to provide a foundation for an enterprise search solution that is growing in use at a dramatic rate. And by providing support in a subscription based setting for an open source option, they are solidifying the importance of not only the Apache projects but open source as a whole.

Commercial search solutions beware.