Content to syndication service StudioNow takes its video system to the cloud to offer companies a complete package for selling video online.

Video From the Cloud

StudioNow's new Asset Management System (AMS) platform updates its original video content management service, moving it into the cloud where storage, automated transcoding, sales and delivery can all be handled without the need for desktop software.

From existing news and media partners like Simon & Schuster and Maxim Magazine, and new companies taking advantage of the cheaper availability of cloud resources, enterprises can get their video content online and monetize it, delivering it in the right format for the user.

Using a CMS-style interface and full-search facility, video content can be uploaded to the cloud, indexed and navigated through any Web browser.

Powered by Amazon Web Services, buyers can choose the videos they want from a customer site and have them downloaded in the correct format for their PC or mobile device. Videos can be delivered over Media RSS, FTP or HTTP, depending on the client's needs. 


Manage and distribute video over the cloud

Tag 'Em and Bag 'Em

Videos can be tagged with metadata for easy searching and cataloged so they remain easy to find, something a video-heavy user will appreciate. The endless cloud storage can be used as companies grow their video content and the AMS can be used alongside StudioNow's existing video editing and creation tools.

If your company is new to Web video, the company's blog has plenty of hints and tips for making better quality videos. StudioNow was recently awarded an AlwaysOn Global 250 nod, as a top private emerging company.