Citrix Snaps Up, Offers Bigger, Better Clouds
Citrix's (news, site) move from heavy servers to the virtual world continues as it purchases for around US$ 250 million.

Cloud Servers for All has grown rapidly in just a couple of years, selling CloudStack, OpenStack and myStack to those who want their own cloud enterprise 2.0 storage and compute facilities without going the Amazon way.

It is in the process of being purchased by Citrix, with further details to be revealed later. Citrix clearly sees the company as one to watch and would rather get in now, before its success sends the ticket price soaring, and it can add's features to its own virtualization offerings.

Good Clouds Ahead's myCloud offers private and hybrid cloud computing services, which could have massive appeal as companies see the advantages of the cloud, but don't want to risk all their eggs to one outage-ridden basket. Citrix could sell servers on the back of such a service and appeal outside of its traditional enterprise-heavy area of focus.

Citrix shares are slightly down in early trading. With the purchase, Citrix claims it can offer a portfolio of virtualization, orchestration and networking solutions, while's founders can either ride up the corporate elevator, or bask in the success of a job well done and look for new challenges.