Brocade logoConnectivity is at the heart of cloud computing and vitualization, and given the need for faster connections, networking solutions company Brocade (news, site) has opened a US$ 100 million facility in the Asia Pacific region that lets businesses evaluate and try out Brocade's Ethernet fabric technology for free.

Procurements in the cloud computing and virtualization industry in the Asia Pacific region will grow from US$ 2.5 billion in 2011 to US$ 6.7 billion in 2016, according to Market Intel Group. As such, Brocade has included the region in its long-term strategy in providing network infrastructure. CEO Mike Klayko highlights the company's advantage in providing Ethernet fabric technology. "We believe we have a highly differentiated offering in the Ethernet fabric space that is based on a 15-year heritage of technical innovation and experience in building the world's most mission-critical data center networks," he says.

Free Evaluation Program

Brocade's evaluation program will entail free use of the company's products, with the following benefits:

  • Eligible customers can test Brocade's Ethernet fabric and other infrastructure designed for cloud computing and virtualization. This will be at no cost to the customer, who will then have the option of purchasing the products from Brocade of from preferred industry partners.
  • Brocade will host roundtable meetings with APAC IT executives and CIOs in its Silicon Valley headquarters. The forums will feature speakers from industry leaders in cloud and virtualization technology.
  • Brocade will host technology workshops aimed at network administrators and architects, which will help in building reliable and scalable infrastructure for cloud-based and virtualized networks.

Infrastructure as a Driver of Growth in Cloud Computing

In the APAC region, cloud adoption is said to be highly dependent on partnerships with service providers. Infrastructure (or lack thereof) will be a big factor in how businesses use cloud-based services and virtualization, according to an AMI Partners study. The first stage in adopting new technologies will involve setting up the infrastructure for improved connectivity and communications.

Involvement by Internet service providers can include both infrastructure provisioning and actual delivery of cloud-based services. Brocade's evaluation program will afford both end users and service providers in the APAC region an opportunity to explore the benefits of cloud computing and virtualization without the need for a significant upfront investment.