adds workflow and branding capabilityLast we reported, (news, site) was busy implementing a full-text search functionality for their Box business customers. Having focused on helping business manage their documents more efficiently, now turns their attention to helping businesses look more official.

Today they introduce new branding and workflow tools aimed at helping Box users increase and better manage the value of their business content. We spoke recently with Jen Grant, Vice President of Marketing at about these branding initiatives. She says that it's "a way to extend your [company's] brand across platforms."

As companies use to share information without a work group or with outside clients or vendors, custom branding options help businesses connect to customer resources in a way that supports marketing and communication objectives.

Of the 50,000 businesses that use as their file system, the new tools allow them to represent their brand to employees, vendors, partners and customers, as well as streamline how they manage and track content. As companies make an effort to manage and organize their content in-house using third-party tools, branding and marketing are becoming just as essential as cost and time efficiency.

Global & Custom Branding

To help companies extend their respective brand -- online -- to digital assets, Box is introducing:

Global Folders: Customers can share a folder of content publicly as a website with a personalized, static URL. Non-Box users can join the folder to get on-going updates as more content is added or updated -- similar to "following" a person on Twitter.

Custom Branding: Companies can now modify the basic appearance of the Box user interface to reflect their brand and color scheme. Branding goes beyond employee interface and extends it to all of their partners, customers and clients that collaborate, share and use this content.

Workflow Designed Around Content

Recognizing that among the enterprise, people are collaborating around content -- the projects, documents and files that form the foundation for completing jobs, meeting deadlines and reaching business goals, also offers a Tasks Tool, designed to let users assign an action (e.g., approve, review, update) to a file so that activities involving the editing and creation of content can be more easily managed. Priding themselves on a "content-centric" approach, users can assign tasks to themselves, other collaborators or both.

Thinking Outside the Box

In their constant pursuit improve the overall usability and functionality of the experience, Ms. Grant hinted that will continue to add more tools aimed at promoting better communication among users. By utilizing and incorporating elements from outside vendors into theirs, is consistently evolving by thinking outside of one.