Boost Organic Search Rankings with Enquisite CampaignA new application from California-based search software provider Enquisite could be about to change the way digital marketers spend their search engine marketing (SEM) budgets. SEM is the business of tracking users search habits based on keywords and focused intent, analyzing those habits and turning them into business leads.

Until now, most companies have been investing heavily in pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns where advertisers pay their host only when their ad is clicked because of the ability in such campaigns to track ad performance.

However, Enquisite could change this with the general availability of Enquisite Campaign which allows SEO agencies to capture real-time organic search data and assess specific search outcomes, like purchases or sign-ups.

Transparent, Accountable SEO

While most companies are more than aware of the importance of high rankings in organic searches, they have generally limited themselves to investing in PPCs because of difficulties assessing ROI with these campaigns.

As it stands, PPCs represent an estimated 95% of the US$ 39 billion global search advertising spend annually with SEO picking up the left-overs.

Enquisite says, however, that by allowing marketing departments to analyze a given sale’s opportunity with a couple of ‘clicks’ and quantify ROI at the same time, Campaign will provide SEO companies an insight into where to focus to provide the biggest returns.

Ultimately, by pursuing organic search campaigns companies should get more return on their search investments.

“. . .SEO processes to ensure prominent placement on the most important and valuable queries haven’t been capable of keeping up,” Gary Angel, co-founder and president of Semphonic web analytics consultancy said.

“There is a big win for both the agencies involved in SEO and the organizations that need it when SEO is treated as a core part of the internet marketing mix and not as an exotic technical discipline. Getting to a point where SEO campaigns are treated analogously to PPC or Display doesn’t just happen – you have to be able to measure the real value of an SEO position . . .”

Organic Keyword Values

And this is what Campaign does.

Using a proprietary market algorithm, Campaign gives a baseline organic value of each keyword as determined by the user.

In addition to this, advertisers and agencies also give values to results including:

  • Search referrals/clicks
  • Links referrals
  • Predefined actions (e.g. name capture, download a brochure, etc.)
  • Purchases/transactional conversions

These values can be easily adjusted over user-defined periods of time to take into account the increasing use of dynamic websites.

Campaign also includes an ability to adjust keyword portfolios over time including:

  • Opportunity potential of each keyword
  • Keywords with highest ‘hit’ potential
  • Keywords acting as traffic drivers
  • Words that have significant future potential

Campaign is the latest in a suite of products from Enquisite that focus on search marketing measurements.

If you want to get a closer look at Campaign, there are two scheduled demos on Tuesdays at 10am PST/1 pm EST, or Thursdays at 1pm PST/4pm EST.