Amazon has just posted a peek into the usage statistics for its S3 service, perhaps aware of HP's imminent arrival on the scene. This looks like some mountain for any rival to climb.

Competing Against the Amazon Jungle

Wow, between the fourth quarter 2010 and 2011, users of Amazon's S3 storage service managed to triple the total number of objects stored on the system. And, with big data becoming ever more of a problem, we're imagining these aren't little, itty-bitty, files either. The company sees users adding over a billion new objects each day. An object can be anything from 1 byte to several terabytes.

The chart below could well be a shot across HP's bow as that company prepares to launch its own cloud data service. HP already is massive in selling enterprises servers and private cloud services, but its entry into the public cloud space, which will likely tie into its existing services, will provide it with something a little more enterprise-friendly.


Hey, HP, Welcome to the Jungle

Big Data, Bigger Numbers, Bigger Deal

As you can see, Amazon is predicting big gains into the near future (note the last column is only Q1 2012), but as rivals start to compete across a wider playing field, it may start to feel the pinch, although the company is hardly likely to feel threatened for some years to come.

HP and others though have long and deep contacts, and contracts, with many major players. It just signed up the U.S. Army for a huge enterprise cloud deal that will give it a great deal of visibility and kudos. Expect more news to follow, especially when its Cloud Services product goes live.

The actual Amazon posting came with a bunch of job vacancies, for anyone looking to join the company, with posts available in Seattle and several European countries.