blinkx, video content management
Ahh, our insatiable need to spend hours viewing online video, whether it be our favorite episode of The Family Guy, or that hilarious commercial on YouTube. Yes we definitely are a world of watchers. And organizations are getting smarter everyday figuring how to use this vice to their advantage. Online video search engine provider, blinkx, aims to help those organizations by providing the blinkx Advanced Media Platform, a video content management solution that will "unlock the potential of video assets and maximize their monetization".

Key Features

Unlock the Value of Video Assets The Advanced Media Platform supports the identification and cataloging of video assets both offline and online, including those assets currently stored in other content management systems. The platform leverages blinkx's patented Conceptual Recognition Engine (CoRE) technology used in it's search engine. Using the CoRe technology, organizations can find and organize their video assets regardless of what platform, language or format they exist in. In addition, they can organize these assets similar to how content-based CMS systems create content types and metadata. Convert Visitors to Viewers The Advanced Media Platform has a number of features and functions for helping audiences find what they need. One feature is an SEO component, while another is advanced searching. The platform also performs both implicit and explicit user profiling which tailors search results to the user's preferences. Other features include: * A content recommendations engine * Automatic text to video linking Maximize Monetization: The Advanced Media Platform catalogs how a video is titled and tagged, but also has the ability to convert to text the actual audio content of the video and include this within search scope. With the help of blinkx AdHoc, a contextual online video advertising platform, blinkx can easily assign relevant ads against the video shown. This obviously goes a long way towards ensuring those ads are actually clicked, resulting in more money for the organization. There are a number of high profile organizations using or planning to deploy the Advanced Media Platform including: Kiplinger, and blinkx is considered one of the top video search engines on the market today. They have more than 220 partners and 18 million hours of indexed video and audio content. Online search is definitely taking a lead role in the searching and displaying of online video. Although YouTube is definitely still the leader in more fun-based video display, more and more companies are incorporating this style of marketing into their sites. This is where blinkx plays a key role. Learn more about the blinkx Advanced Media Platform by visiting their website.