Westbrook Releases Improved FortisDocument Management Solution Westbrook Technologies, developer of Fortis enterprise document management software, announced that it has added several new features and product enhancements to improve Fortis. Fortis 2.4.1 now includes enhanced AutoCAD format support, export to PDF, CDExpress, eCopy ShareScan OP and Kofax Capture. To deliver enhanced AutoCAD format support, Westbrook has partnered with SolidWorks Corporation and integrated with its eDrawings Viewer to support various AutoCAD file formats, including: * DWG/DXF (all versions up to 2008) * eDrawings (eDRW, ePRT, eASM) * Native SolidWorks Documents (sldprt, sldasm, slddrw) This partnership comes as the next step in Westbrook's evolution, after the company released integrated e-mail management solution in collaboration with Sherpa Software. With export to PDF feature, Fortis customers now have the option to export documents as a PDF file using a PDF/A-1b compliant format. CDExpress, a supported option in Fortis 2.4.1, now also uses Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express instead of MSDE (Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine). Another enhancement is Fortis for eCopy ShareScan OP 4.2, which includes support for the Ricoh MFPs. There are also performance improvements to Fortis for Kofax Capture 8, including increased import speed when using Oracle 10g. Additionally, Westbrook has improved its authentication and logon mechanisms. Customers with a large number of users should see faster logons to the Fortis client. The company has also added a "preferences generator" utility that allows a Fortis administrator to configure Fortis workstation preferences and then save them to an INI file. This should be useful with the silent install feature to automate the deployment of Fortis workstations, including preferences.