logo_springcm[1].gifSpringCM announces the addition of Open Cloud Connector to the latest release of its cloud content management solution.

Organizing Content Across Web Apps

SpringCM says that Open Cloud Connector gives users access to content related to specific groups, such as customers, while the cloud service keeps it in sync. "The new way work gets done today is being able to work with content anywhere, anytime, from any device and in your application of choice," SpringCM CEO Christopher Junker says.

In 2011, SpringCM conducted research that showed 52% to 90% of documents, images, drawings, audio and video associated with records in core business applications actually wasn't accessed from the applications. "Often this content is on individual laptops, hard to manage shared drives, or content management systems disconnected from their applications," the company says.

The new capability is supposed to be easy to implement and learn, and it lets users edit and collaborate on documents and a variety of other file types, including images and video files, from within web applications. Features include approval workflow, check-in and check-out, emailing links or documents, viewing history, the ability to upload documents to the right record within an application, email or fax documents into a folder and mobile content management.

SpringCM offers a 14-day free trial of its solution.

Busy Year for SpringCM

SpringCM released an update to its cloud content management solution a little more than a year ago, with a focus on improving ease of use and faster process automation, workflow and document management. Around the same time, the company announced a new CTO, Antonis Papatsaras, a former Director of Software Engineering at Autonomy.

In April 2011, another SpringCM release rolled out, with iPad support and a focus on improving team productivity, execution and management visibility.

Last June, Joe Marino was named the VP of Government Solutions at SpringCM. A few days later, the company announced availability of its Past Performance solution, which is targeted at government contractors and streamlines the opportunity identification process, providing insight into how likely they are to win a new contract. In the same month, SpringCM rolled out another release of its cloud enterprise CMS platform, adding offline sync and improved case management functionality.

By the end of 2011, SpringCM was focused on SalesForce. The company announced a free content management solution for its salesforce.com customers in October, and then announced the integration of Salesforce Chatter into its SpringCM solution in December.

KMWorld Magazine inducted SpringCM into its Hall of Fame in May 2011 in recognition of the enterprise CMS provider's "forward-momentum technology innovations." Clearly SpringCM's momentum hasn't slowed down yet.