snowbound_logo_2010.jpg The only better marketing tool than price cutting in the current climate is software upgrades. Snowbound Software has done just that with their document viewer software with functions they have hugely simplified and to which they have added a FileNet P8 connector.

In respect of their document viewing software, VirtualView, Soundbound has upgraded the client-server configuration, which can now provide new features including multi-page scanning and single click document emailing. The overall effect is to vastly increase workflow efficiencies and speed.

VirtualView And Java

Let’s look at this first. VirtualViewer is Snowbound Software’s suite of high speed viewing products that enables users to view virtually any document or image format from any platform.

However it is more than just a viewer. Users can also manipulate, edit, mark, create and print documents stored within a company’s repository.

It has multiple client and server configurations, making it compatible across a variety of platforms, with client options including a Java applet, Zero Footprint AJAX client that is platform independent and a Server Edition for either .NET or Java.

And it is the Java/client configuration that comes with the new features. These include:

  • New ability to ingest multiple pages loaded into a scanner at a single go
  • Administrator designated email server that will automatically attach and send designated documents
  • Thumbnail view options for increasing or decreasing the number of document thumbnails in view
  • Improved document tracking and workflow auditing

FileNet 8 Connector

The other significant addition is the FileNet P8 server and client connector and built in support for integration. If you’ve forgotten the IBM (news, site) acquisition of FileNet four years ago not to worry. All you need to remember is that FileNet is now IBM's enterprise content management platform.

It integrates content with business process management and compliance functionality and has been consistently developed and upgraded by IBM since the take-over in keeping with its stated objective at the time of integrating FileNet into its overall product portfolio.

If you decide to go with the FileNet P8 connector -- remember it is optional -- it gives users easy access to documents stored in FileNet and other repositories.

Viewing Multiple File Formats

Finally, it also supports a whole list of different file formats including PDF, AFP, Microsoft Office applications, HTML and TIFF without having to call up the application it was created in, or even convert the file.

With this comes the ability to manipulate documents in a web-based view with easy page and section manipulation and page compilation from multiple sources into a single virtual file.

If you want to check it out you can get an evaluation version, but the full version is already on the market.