The Extranet Collaboration Manager beta for SharePoint 2013 has just been announced by SharePoint Solutions, and as the SharePoint Conference 2012 gathers steam, the tool is ready to download for deploying and managing SharePoint extranets.

ExCM Updates

As with so many software updates, the issue here isn't new features, simply compatibility. With the release of something as huge as SharePoint 2013, many organizations will be looking for ways to upgrade in as painless a way as possible. For those eager to set up extranets for their partners and vendors in a SharePoint 2013 environment, the Extranet Collaboration Manager beta is the latest option for bridging the functionality gap left by Microsoft.

To build an extranet in SharePoint 2013, there is some heavy lifting to be done. SharePoint Solutions is offering a simpler way to do this, and its ExCM for SharePoint Server 2013 and SharePoint Foundation 2013 offers features like helping solve login issues and facilitate simpler admin actions. 

Manage extranets with the ribbon toolbar interface, and easily add a new user.

SharePoint Solutions has released new ExCM versions with each of the last two previous SharePoint upgrades. However, unlike when SharePoint 2010 debuted, SharePoint Solutions has not added any new features this time around. 

ExCM for SharePoint 2013 offers the ability to deploy, secure and manage extranets, and also delegate routine admin tasks, register new users and support services to assist with set up.

SharePoint Conference 2012 Rundown

Day two of this year's Las Vegas based event is underway, and so far we've heard a bit about Microsoft's Yammer roadmap and an important new release from Webtrends analytics. We've also got some news from Axcelor on the Yammer front, and some special insights from SharePoint MVP Jennifer Mason

The SharePoint Conference goes through Nov. 15, and there are still highlights to come this week from CMSWire. If you are at the event or if you need keynote highlights, we've got you covered.