nuance_logo_2010.jpg Nuance has announced a new update to its PDF converter software, and the Enterprise 8 version is available now with new real-time collaboration tools like chat and simultaneous editing. 

Nuance PDF Converter Enterprise 8 offers cloud connectivity, simpler editing and voice dictation for adding notes to any PDF.

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Nuance PDF Converter 8 comes in Professional and Enterprise versions.

New Features

  • PDF Live With PDF LIve, multiple users can now share, view and edit documents at the same time. Real-time collaboration wouldn't be any fun at all without instant messaging, so Nuance threw that in PDF Live as well. This feature does require the use of Gaaiho Collaboration for added security.
  • Cloud Connect  Easily access secure documents from, Office 365, Windows Live, PaperPort Anywhere, SkyDrive, Google Docs, Dropbox or Evernote. 
  • Dragon Speech Notes Attach notes to any PDF with Dragon speech recognition, and make collaboration even more engaging.
  • Simpler Editing This is a great feature that should speed up any PDF editing. Instead of recreating or finding a document to edit and convert back into a PDF, new full-page editing allows for dynamic editing right in PDF documents. Use familiar word processing tools right in the document to save time and be more productive. 

The Importance of PDFs 

PDFs are pretty much indispensible in any office, and in addition to the above new tools, there are a few other features companies will likely need from their PDF converting software. Nuance PDF Converter Enterprise 8 includes a PDF/A converter for document preservation, easy to build stamps and redaction for added security, and FormTyper, a tool for converting non-fillable forms into fillable PDF forms. 

Furthermore, because PDFs are more standardized than other document formats (*cough, MS Word, *cough) these are great tools that speed up workflows. Nuance sells the Enterprise version for US$ 150 with volume licensing available as well. Tell us in the comments if you're using Adobe or Nuance for your PDFs.