Nitro PDF Launches Free PDF Reader & Creator; Prepares for Digital RevolutionThere are many free tools that let you read documents as PDF, but when it comes to creating your own, it can be tricky to find one that doesn’t leave watermarks, or require laborious registration.

Thanks to Nitro PDF Software, however, users have another choice when it comes to creating PDFs. Called Nitro PDF Reader, it’s the only free PDF viewer to also offer free PDF creation.

Preparing for the Digital Document Revolution

With Nitro PDF Reader, you can create PDF files from over 300 different formats, while also adding comments, annotations and markups for digital collaboration, fill and save PDF forms, stamp signatures, extract text and images, and type text directly onto the PDF file.

Fig. 1. Nitro offers users quick access to all the tools and tasks from the one location, without having to search through countless menus and toolbars.

Likened to Microsoft Office, another giant that aims to be overthrown in the “revolution,” Nitro Reader’s interface offers users intuitive, visual representations of tasks and tools, devoid of onscreen clutter or drop-down menus.

Nitro PDF Reader is 100% compatible with other leading PDF readers and editors, including the Adobe Acrobat family of products, and provides functionality very similar to other paid products.

Fig. 2. With Nitro, users can extract all images from a PDF file into individual image files.

From snapshot tools that copy selected areas of text on any page directly to the clipboard, to forms that can bypass the process of filling, printing and then scanning for electronic delivery or archival, Nitro provides users with a viable alternative.

Fig. 3. Users can highlight text, add feedback, and even reply to and edit other people's comments.

Every PDF viewer and creator has Adobe in its gaze. And yet, with PDF creation options readily available within Google Docs and every Macbook, a digital document “revolution” quietly gathers momentum.

PDFs with No-Strings Attached

People want an easy and intuitive interface from which to convert their documents into PDFs. Nitro aims to provide this and make working with PDF files “as easy as pen and paper.”

Additionally, when Nitro says “no strings attached” they mean it. They spent two years building their free PDF Reader and now it’s available free of charge and free from advertising.

Currently in Beta and open to user feedback, users can download Nitro PDF Reader without registration at